Make Money in 3 Easy Steps!

1. Schedule a Consult.

2. We do all the work! Our experts authenticate, photograph, price, and list your items. 

3. Let the cash roll in. Payments are made via checks or paypal monthly. 

How it works

Set an appointment

Schedule a consultation in the St. Charles office for a free valuation and consignment drop-off.  

Let Our Experts Do the Work

We Authenticate, photograph, list, price, and ship your sold items.  With over 10 years Ebay experience, as a top rated seller, over 9000 positive feedback, we get your items sold fast!

Superior Service

Our experts take the time to sit down with you, explain the process, and show you the comps to understand the true value of your item.  No surprises! Total transparency!


Commission Fees


What happens if one of my items doesn’t sell within the 90 day listing window?

If your item doesn’t sell, you can pick it up from the consignment office.  If you choose not to reclaim your item within 10 days, the item is donated to a local charity.

When do I get my payout?

When one of your items is purchased, the buyer has 14 days to open a return. After the 14 day return window ends or if positive feedback is received before then, payout is issued on the 5th of the following month. If the item is returned, your 90 day consignment window will be reset so that your item has more time to sell.

Can I sell my item on my own while in consignment?

 No, once Felix's Finds has possession of the item you will need to wait the 90 day window before you can take back possession to sell on your own.

Who pays for the buyers shipping charges?

 Shipping charges are paid in full by the buyer.

Who pays the paypal and ebay fees?

 Felix's Finds and the consignor split the selling fees 50/50.


Consignment Contract (docx)


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Send us a message or call/text to set up an appointment for a free valuation and consignment drop-off. 

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