Mentoring Available

Do you love to resell?

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Thinking about selling on Ebay or other E-commerce platforms but don’t know how to get started? Or already selling but not where you want to be?

I have over 10 years Ebay experience, full time for 4 years, a six figure seller and a top rated seller. Whether you want to quit your job and be a full time reseller or just have a side hustle, I can help you reach your goals!


Offering 30 minutes and 1 hour phone consultations in the following areas

For beginners

How to start with little to no money
Creating an Ebay account
Where and what to source
Product research
How to list your items
Feedback & selling limits
Shipping supplies
Shipping the right way


For the seasoned seller wanting to grow

How to hire help
How to apply for an LLC
How to fix slow sales
eBay global shipping and International shipping
eBay store help
Optimizing promoted listings
Researching the true resale value of items
Sourcing local inventory
Boosting eBay sales
Inventory management and organization
Maximizing listing output
Negative feedback and defect removal

$50 for a 30 minute consultation $75 for a 1 hour consultation. Paid via Paypal. Also offering in person mentoring.